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Christian Bruna was born in Mistelbach, Austria in 1987. He started studying politics at the University of Vienna but after a short period he recognized that he not only wanted to learn about the theory of politics but also to delve into real-time politics. Christian started as freelance photographer in 2008. He developed the bulk of his skills with the help of Leonhard Foeger, chief photographer in Austria for the Reuters news agency, where Christian worked as stringer. He has worked as a staff photographer of a national newspaper since 2010 while also advancing his own projects.

From 2014 to 2015 he took on the challenge of a new level of photojournalism and combined his coverage with film footage to be able to tell his stories more authentically and worked as freelance photographer for AFP and AP.

Since 2015 european pressphoto agency staff photographer based in Austria

Atlanta Photojournalism Seminar's 2018 photo contest - 1st price Best Sports Action

Austrian Press Photo Award 2016 - 1st price Best Series 

Austrian Press Photo Award 2016 - Nominee (Politics)

Austrian Press Photo Award 2013 - 1st price Best Picture (Chronicle)

Austrian Press Photo Award 2012 - Nominee (Economy)